A Currency Board for Lebanon?

A Currency Board for Lebanon?Ishac Diwan and Alain Bifani, updated, July 2021 With inflation and devaluation accelerating, some voices are advocating a currency board (CB) for Lebanon. The appeal to its supporters is the perspective of anchoring the Lebanese Lira (LL) so as to avoid devaluation and inflation spiraling out of control. This involves disciplining […]


LESSONS FROM THE PAST FOR A CHALLENGING FUTURE Alain Bifani, Karim Daher,Lydia Assouad, and Ishac Diwan Introduction The goal of this paper is to evaluate the Lebanese tax system, and to make considerate proposals to make it more inclusive and efficient. That a topic of this level of technicality has come to command interest is […]

IMF Special Drawing Rights – Lebanon

Beirut, the 18th of October 2021 While Lebanon has received a significant amount in Special Drawing Rights – the equivalent of $870 million – from the International Monetary Fund as part of the largest allocation in history (about US$650 billion) with no strings attached, on top of withdrawing its SDRs from 2009, which brings the […]