Priority themes

Priority themes cover adjustment policies, providing the country (and/or the region) with long-term goals for sustainable welfare. There will be a dual focus on macro and sectors, since both are central legs of a reform agenda. On the macro, how to fix the state is important, as well as major options such as bank restructuring, sustainable development and civil rights. Also, inclusive growth opens studies on business climate, SMEs, new industries and green industries.

Other studies will focus on short and medium-term infrastructure and sectoral issues. Many topics are identified (see below) and are subject to strategic and operational validation. Some items are related to the expected reinitiating of the sectoral and infrastructure agenda supported by international financing, and in all cases, topics are selected to highlight credible alternatives to unsuccessful public policies and poor governance.

The Foundation complements its research and studies with wide awareness campaigns to mobilize citizens’ and organized groups’ support on the relevant topics. Building support through networking with the civil society, youth movements and other organizations will always be key.


Wide Spectrum

Short to medium term objectives

Type of production

One or two in-depth studies on the chosen theme which will result in the regular publication of concise notes outlining the diagnostic, the issues and possible solutions in the meantime.

In parallel, short and well-focused sectoral or system-improving studies will be issued in line with the context of the moment.

Formats suitable for social media will be produced. Podcasts and media will also be used.

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