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Since its start end of May 2021, the Citizen Foundation organized one very successful event on May 26, which featured a panel discussion with four speakers moderated by Alain Bifani. Ghassan Salame first rated Lebanon on the basis of geography, culture and institutions, and concluded with the necessity of eliminating communitarianism from the institutions. Sibylle Rizk described an ideal government program to pull Lebanon out of the crisis, while Diana Abbas detailed many impactful projects that her institution is carrying out from abroad. And finally, Pierre Duquesne provided a full program based on his long experience with Lebanon.

The Citizen Foundation has many projects in progress, including:

  • Tax and Inequalities
  • Migration and labor market
  • Syria and Lebanon, a different economic approach
  • How to restructure the Lebanese debt today
  • The future of the banking sector: what options?
  • How to manage a country of many communities?
  • The gas and Lebanon: How to manage the needs and the assets.
  • The evolution of economic sectors in LebanonHow to strengthen immunity against illicit activities
  • And also, two events:
    • Lebanon’s energy mix in the coming decade
    • The topics that really matter

The Citizen Foundation is preparing for a wide program related to governance and awareness.
At the same time, the Citizen Foundation has submitted its proposal for a wide program related to governance and awareness. It is also writing a draft for proposal related to the green transition in the region, to be discussed with its partners soon. Finally, education will be at the center of a study that will be done with a strategic partner.

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